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Are you about to get married? Is your friend? Then you are certainly looking forwards for your stag do! It is the most fun part of the whole wedding, now that wedding nights are not what they used to be. (Wink.) So, you will want nothing but the best activities, the best destinations and the all around best stag weekend for the groom and all his crew. Are you a little bit lost? Too many options? Or too little? Let us give you a hand with that. Here in Stag Event Towns we know what is going on in the Stag & Hen scene in the UK, and we can tell you what is the best place to go to get what you want. 

Be it close or far, chillout or hype, we have everything. With us, you will find the perfect place and the perfect activity schedule for your stag do. We have years in the market and we know very well what a man wants and enjoys. Take a look at the stag scene with us, and we will point out the best destinations and plans so you can choose the one that you prefer.

DIY stag plans

So, now that you know where you are going to go, it is time to start scheduling your activities! Don't know what to do? Don't worry! There are so many options that you certainly won't be bored for a single second. Browse our news section, which is full of stag activity ideas to get inspired for your weekend out. Get creative and have a lot of fun. We will recommend the best activity centres in different towns of the UK, and also a couple things that you can do by yourself. Have a lot of fun reading our articles and get ready for your stag do!

If you have any suggestion of a stag activity that you enjoyed or just thought to be a lot of fun, send it to us via our contact form! We are constantly gathering ideas and sharing them so a lot of men can have a great time. 

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We offer our knowledge and logistics on stag dos arrangements to provide other services, with the same level of quality and strategic knowledge. Let us help you find the best locations and entertainments for hen parties and weekends. Also, we will advice you on the best places and event organizers to host your corporate team building, leadership and management training. Call us in advance and get up to 20% discount on your packages. Also, get free-of-charge tickets for large group movilizations. 

Call us now to find more about all our offers and special prices. You can also use our contact form! Write all your enquiries and we will get back to you within 24 hours with all the information that you request. What are you waiting for? Your epic stag do or meeting is around the corner, now go get it!

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